Franchise Loans

At Cornovus Capital, we believe the men and women who operate nail salons, hardware stores, food chains, fitness centers and the wide range of other franchises are at the very heart of the U.S. economy. They’re small business owners who earn a living by delivering goods and services their customers need. Did you know that even a nursing home or assisted living center can be considered a franchise? As the list of eligible franchise companies grows, so does our commitment to providing the financial assistance these businesses need to thrive.

Our innovative, customizable lending options give franchisees the freedom to tailor their borrowing structure to their own specific needs and growth goals. Whether you’re a single-location owner or a multi-unit operator, our proven track record with mature franchises — borrowers who also have a proven record — includes business and commercial real estate loans for efforts ranging from acquisition to expansion, buy-outs and construction.

The Cornovus Difference

We help mature franchises secure business and commercial real estate loans necessary for acquisition, expansion, buyouts and constructions. SBA-approved franchises include:

RETAIL: Specialty grocers, restaurants, gas stations, convenience, automotive, hardware
PERSONAL CARE: Massage clinics, beauty salons, fitness centers
EDUCATION: Preschools, tutoring centers
FAST FOOD: Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, etc.

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