Industrial Loans

Today’s manufacturing sector is comprised of organizations that rely on an ever-expanding range of skills and advancing technology to transform materials, substances and components into new products. For a multitude of reasons, economists predict unprecedented growth in manufacturing over the next decade as this skills-driven industry continues to create jobs, drive GDP and spawn innovation.

Unlike traditional banks that fail to prioritize manufacturing in business and commercial real estate lending, the experts at Cornovus Capital possess expertise in both manufacturing and distribution, and we have extensive experience helping industrial borrowers access up to $5 million in capital to acquire, expand, refinance, relocate, consolidate, retool existing operations or complete a buyout.

We work closely with industrial owners, asking big-picture questions to avoid all-too-common and risky pitfalls of traditional real estate banking. Our unique understanding of diverse industrial borrowing and cash flow scenarios, in addition to intimate knowledge of lender-specific underwriting criteria, helps borrowers quickly and effectively find their best fit.

The Cornovus Difference

We focus on manufacturers and distributors who are willing to explore the benefits of SBA

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