Medical Loans

Advances in technology are enabling humans to live longer and better than ever before. We support a wide range of wellness providers through access to business and commercial real estate loans.

  • SBA is a remarkable resource for medical practitioners, but the paperwork can be overwhelming and confusing. We engage CPAs, business managers and specialized lenders to ease access to capital.
  • Cornovus welcomes first-time borrowers in medical and dental practice. Dental equipment is traditionally amortized over a three- to five-year period and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, putting a cash strain on business operations. We leverage deep understanding of SBA for dentists and, in many cases, can offer quicker access and more attractive amortization terms than traditional lenders.
  • The housing and support needs of our older adults are getting better attention. We have more than 30,000 assisted living centers serving over 1 million residents. There are another million Americans living in nursing homes. SBA 7(a) offers business owners financing for real estate, land or working capital.
  • Good health extends to our furry friends.
    As small business owners, veterinarians require loans for expansion, buyouts, refinancing, acquisition and more. Cornovus works with vets seeking up to $5 million.

Funding Sources: SBA, CMBS, Regional and National Banks, Hedge and Pension Funds, Specialty Funds, Private

The Cornovus Difference

We focus on medical professionals and franchise owners who need $1MM – $5MM in capital and are willing to explore the benefits of SBA financing.

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